How Often Should People Schedule their Asian Massage?

If a person has ever experienced professional massages, they know how great the feeling afterward. These things are relaxing and soothing treatments that offer a lot of benefits. Getting a full-body Asian massage from professionals is an excellent way to reduce tension, lower stress levels, as well as soothe sore muscles.

When it comes to how often people get a massage, there are some factors they need to take into consideration. They will get the most benefits from getting it on a regular basis, as opposed to only getting it when they feel muscular discomfort or muscle tension.

If individuals get it once a year, it will be soothing and relaxing, but it cannot undo muscle tensions. As a matter of fact, getting a regular Asian massage can help keep people’s bodies stress-free and at ease, resulting in them being pain-free.

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How often should people get it?

Regular massages are very beneficial for both mental and physical health. Knowing how often people should get it is imperative to make the most out of this treatment. If they suffer from soreness or severe pain, weekly sessions can give them the relief and relaxation they need. If a person regularly suffers from neck and back pain, a monthly session can be a nice reward that helps them feel better.

Almost everyone can enjoy it, and usually, there is no limit to how often or long they can receive treatments. Getting your body rubbed down will alleviate stress, as well as any muscle tension leaving you in a happier state compared to before the treatment. Some elements people need to take into consideration when determining how regularly individuals need to get it to include:



Stress levels

Chronic pain or conditions

The amount people are willing to spend for the treatment

This therapeutic activity could be part of a person’s routine for a lower amount if they look in suitable places. And while getting less expensive therapies is pretty appealing, always keep in mind that it could come at the cost of other features or private rooms. For instance, there are a lot of affordable parlors that offer discounted treatments.

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Still, in some cases, people are separated from other individuals getting a rub down by thin curtains instead of getting private rooms. Usually, Asian massages cost $50 to $100 without tips. It is customary to leave at least 15% as a tip for the therapist.

Stress levels

If people work in highly stressful jobs or are just stressed out quickly, they can benefit more from frequent treatments to help ease their stress. For individuals in high-stress living conditions or jobs, or if they are frequent travelers, a high-frequency massage (weekly or bi-weekly) is highly recommended.

Having your muscles regularly rubbed with soft massage methods like Swedish or deep strokes from deep tissue massages help release the tension in their muscles, minimizing their stress levels. A monthly session will be enough to manage their muscle tension and stress for people who don’t suffer from high-stress levels.

Chronic pain and conditions

A lot of individuals look for therapies because of chronic pain that other therapies like medications or acupuncture do not alleviate. If they want Asian massages to treat their chronic conditions like neck aches, backaches, or migraines, they will need to receive one frequently to see some relief.

Experts recommend starting off with at least twice a week session for the first couple of weeks and gradually increasing the frequency or the time between therapies as symptoms improve. Chronic pain does not get resolved in one session. But it can be fixed with regular treatments that get further apart as they start to eliminate their pain. Once the body gets to the point when they are no longer experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis, they can start evaluating how much time they can have between sessions before it starts to feel the pain again.


While some individuals may need a regular massage, there might be problems when it comes to their schedule. Just as they want to know the frequency of the session and how much they can spend on it, it is also essential to understand how often their schedule can accommodate a one-hour- to one-hour and thirty-minute Asian massage.


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