Natural Slate Roofing – Some Facts About This Durable Roofing System

Natural slates that are used for roofing are the metamorphic rocks that are formed 500 to 550 million years ago. These slates are actually made of microcrystalline grains that will be combined into the form of the rocks. From the time it was discovered, it has been in usage as the roofing slates.

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Facts of the Slate Roofing

Here are some facts about slate roofing.

  1. Slate roofing idea has been in use for more than thousands of years. This is because of their durability. That is the reason why they have been in use for thousands of years.
  2. Slates are available in different sizes and dimensions. You can just place the order for the required size of slates.
  3. The shelf life of the slate roofs is up to or even more than 75 to 80 years. Once installed, you can stay assured about the fact that there is no need for the work of reroofing for decades.
  4. Slate patterns will not be just the boring plane surfaced ones. There are many designs available in the slates such as floral diagrams, geometric pattern, words and names and some important dates. You can even get them personalised as per your requirement.
  5. Unlike other roofing solutions, these slates are naturally made products, and hence are quite sturdy in nature. They cannot be easily damaged even from the strong external influence such as the acid rains or chemical pollutants, or changing climatic conditions.
  6. The naturally made slates are fireproof and non-combustible in nature. Installation of these roofs will add additional value to your house building, if you even plan to sell them.
  7. Slates can be personalised into any required shape. The commonly preferred hand trimmed shapes in the slates include clipper corner, diamond point, scalloped, gothic, hexagon, fish scale and so on.
  8. Some of the buildings such as mansions and churches will be installed with the slate roofing system. Other buildings that are designed with slate roofing include country clubs, train stations, castles, hotels, universities, museums, courthouses, farms, sheds, air force bases, libraries, and so on.

How the Slats Are Made?

Slates are natural made products. They will be available in large blocks and will be extracted just like that. The blocks will be then split into the desired shapes and dimensions. With the help of chisels and hammers, the large blocks will be designed into small slates.

The usage of slates dates back to 410 AD. They were in usage for many buildings that were constructed during the Roman Period. These slates are in demand since then and their durability has made them the most opted roofing system in today’s world. If you are planning to construct a home, then these slates are an ideal choice for roofing.

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