Some Factors That Increase the Chances of You Failing in the Driver’s Test

When you are all set to learn driving, the next step for you is to become an independent driver, by taking a driver’s test. Learning to drive with the help of a teacher and driving independently are two different cases, and taking a driving test can surely put a lot of pressure on your mind.

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Learning Driving and the Associated Issues

Many issues can become your biggest enemy when it comes to obtaining your driver’s license. Some are listed below.

  •       Unsuitable Vehicle

If your vehicle does not fit some criteria as described by the Board of Driving Committee, then there are higher chances of the driving inspector failing you in the test. The vehicle should not be in poor condition and it should be a well maintained one if you wish to clear the first step in the driving exams.

  •       Obstructing the Traffic

Always remember to never put your car in a sudden halt, when on a busy road, or even at an intersection. The way you handle your vehicle through a traffic area is what will make your supervisor decide whether to fail you or not.

  •       Crossing the Speed Limits

Going at a higher speed or going at a very slow pace, no matter what your preference might be, you should never cross the speed limits as decided by the local traffic authority in any particular destination. You should always maintain your vehicle at the suggested speed limit while driving.

  •       Poor Judgments in Traffic Conditions

Some drivers prefer staying in the same lane for a longer time and do not wish to switch lanes when needed. Some drivers do not like to give way to the other vehicles and would go on at the same pace. These two conditions can surely put you on the failed list of the driver’s test.

  •       Exhibiting Aggressive Behavior

The traffic supervisor that is seated next to you will not just check your driving skill on the road, but will also check your behavior while driving. If you exhibit aggressive behavior towards the fellow drivers or pedestrians, then remember that you will surely fail the driver’s license test.

  •       Not Obeying the Traffic Lights

It is one of the major setbacks in a driver’s license test. When the light is red, you must wait till it becomes Green. When the traffic light is yellow, it indicates to either get ready, while on a stop, or to slow down, while on moving condition of a vehicle, and green means always go.

Some drivers do not like to slow down when the light turns from Green to Yellow and would try to pass the traffic before the signal turns red. This behavior normally results in either collision of vehicles, or with making the other cars to collide, because of one’s negligence. Hence it is suggested that you follow the road rules seriously!

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