Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Consultant

To expand and promote your business, you need to switch to online modes of promotion. It is important to create a website of your own where all the information regarding your brand and products is provided. To increase your rankings, you can take the help of an SEO consultant who will let you earn profit and success at a greater speed.

SEO Company Sydney has the most innovative marketing strategies for both small scale and large scale businesses. It can help you increase the number of clients as well as revenue. It provides cost-effective solutions to increase your rankings in search results. It focuses on your target audience and works on enhancing page loading speed. It provides backlinks and full website security.

What to ask before hiring an SEO consultant?

  • List of existing and past clients

You can ask an SEO consultant to share a shortlist of people with whom he is currently working and have worked in the past. These contacts will act as a reference for you from whom you can cross-check whether the services that the consultant is willing to provide are served in the manner as he has explained.

You can verify if the consultant has aided in enhancing the performance of their websites. If you get positive feedback then you are good to go.

  • What techniques will be adapted to improve rankings?

The next question which you can ask him is what steps will be taken by him to improve your search rankings. An authentic SEO consultant will explain all the methods in detail which he will be undertaking to increase your ranks.

He will explain to you how much time wills the procedure take. He will engage more and more with you to discuss the problems that you are facing and will provide solutions for the same.

  • Ask if he abides by Google’s webmaster best practices

There is an ethical manner in which the SEO techniques are applied for upgrading the rank of your website. An SEO consultant should abide by Google’s webmaster best practices.

He should not be involved in using false and ugly tricks like the use of bogus links and spam content. These tricks can lead to penalizing your website. Try to avoid working with a person who is indulged in such kind of activities.

  • Question if he can make your website to top rank on Google

A very smart and good question from your side would be to ask him if he can make your website a top-ranked website on Google or Bing. If the consultant says that he can do that he is lying and you should not invest your money on him.

No one can guarantee this because most of the part of giving rankings is controlled by search engines. The only means by which one can be doing this is unethically and illegally. Avoid taking advice from such consultants.


You should ask all the above mentioned to the SEO consultant before you hire him. This questionnaire will help you determine if you spending money at the right place and on the right person.

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