How To Create Ringtones And Change Notification Sounds On Android

With a wide variety of smartphones, it sometimes becomes difficult to evaluate the settings. It takes a moment to understand the settings of your new phone and make the desired changes. The article will focus on the creation of ringtones and how they can be changed according to your interest.

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How to turn a song into a ringtone?

Mp3 files can be used for this purpose but Android also supports formats like WAV and OGG.

Steps for new android devices

  • Download the song on your phone or transfer it you your phone if it is on another device with the help of USB.
  • Now go to ‘Settings’ and select the option ‘Sound’ there.
  • Tap on ‘Advanced’ and choose the option ‘Phone Ringtone’.
  • Now you need to tap on ‘Go to My Sounds’ and select ‘+’ present at the bottom right corner if the preferred ring tone is not available.
  • After that select the song and add it there. Click on ‘Save’.

Steps for old devices

  • You will need to transfer the song to your phone or download it directly on your smartphone.
  • Open the File Manager App. Now add the song in the Ringtones section of this app.
  • In case your smartphone is connected to a computer or laptop, you can manage the storage of your phone on that too. Copy and paste the song from there into the Ringtones category.
  • Select the option ‘Sound and Notification’ under the label Settings.
  • The desired ringtone will appear on the list once you select the option ‘Phone Ringtone’.

Apart from following these steps, there is also an option of purchasing your favorite ringtones which will be available through ringtone distribution by a trusted firm.

How to trim the song for ringtone?

The process of trimming a song for your ringtone can be made possible with the help of a Music Editor on Android phones. The steps for the same are as follows:

  • Go to Google Play Store for downloading the Music Editor application.
  • Once it is downloaded you need to install and then launch it.
  • Open the app and go to option ‘Trim Audio’.
  • Here you need to select a song which you want to set as the ringtone of your phone.
  • Now you will be asked to select your favorite portion of the song. Drag the sliders to select a segment. The green pointer will mark the beginning of the ringtone and the red pointer will signify the end.
  • You can run a preview by clicking on Media Controls at the bottom of the page.
  • You will need to write a name for your file by clicking on the Floppy Disc icon present on the top right corner of your window.
  • Now hit ‘OK’. Now turn this portion into a ringtone by following steps told earlier.

How to change the notification sounds on Android phones?

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select the option ‘Sounds’.
  • Go to ‘Advanced’ and tap on ‘Default notification sound’. Now select the file which you wish to set as a notification sound.
  • Click on ‘Save’.


You can make changes related to ringtones on your Android phone by following the steps provided above effortlessly.

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