Short List of The Hazards Inside the Car You Need to Avoid while Driving

There are ample hassles or obstacles that distract your presence of mind while driving and this may sometimes unfortunately lead to mishaps. Yes, you are right! The hassles can be avoided to drive safe.

Here are some all-time hazards in car to be avoided anywhere anytime:

  • Attending calls while driving.
    • Some drivers do avoid using their mobile phones. However, many do handle phone in one hand and drive with one hand on the wheel. Really dangerous while driving on busy streets!
  • Keeping grocery bags, laptop and other stuffed bags on back seat behind you or beside your driving seat.
    • You sure love to do it while in hurry, however forget that when you brake suddenly the things may shatter thus distracting your attention.
    • Sometimes they may even clash upon you or the things from the back seat will fall when you apply sudden brake. Real disastrous!
  • Unpredictable pets.
    • Yes, a common disturbance that many of us face during driving! They can sit on your lap or even fall over you when you apply brake. Even a small doggy or cat can act as a lethal element to cause accidents as you are suddenly distracted by their behaviour.
    • There are incidents when pets fear heavy traffic sound and are adamant to stay on their owner’s lap when the person is driving the vehicle. It is a sure invitation for accidents.
  • Using GPS system while driving vehicle.
    • It is a beneficial device to know the right directions however distract the driver. It is best to slow the vehicle or stop by the side of the road while texting your destination and while understanding the given route. While following the idea will surely take your valuable time more however saves life.
  • Love to eat and drink in car while driving.
    • You may enjoy eating while driving! However, it is unsafe. If you feel hungry or thirsty pull up the vehicle on the roadside and enjoy your brunch. It will hardly take few minutes to fill up your tummy and quench your thirst. Thus, you won’t be late for your appointment.
  • Having talkative, very active or sleepy passengers.
    • All are real hazel makers! You need to avoid while driving on busy roads and while driving on highways for long hours. Parents do get distracted by their children’s activeness and while friends chat the person driving will surely be interested. All this can be avoided by asking them to stay quite when you drive.
    • Don’t ever let your side seat passenger to sleep as it may influence you to feel drowsy and ultimately you may close your eyes. The mistake is done that could have been avoided!

The awareness of placing such distractions in your vehicle can be understood well while attending the Deer Park driving lessons put forward by well acclaimed driving instructor’s platform like of Here you learn to drive safe and how to avoid distractions of your vehicle. Drive safe without any obstacles!

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