Can CBD Help in Treating Diabetes?

Ever since medical researchers discovered about various benefits of marijuana and its compounds, lots of attentions is given on its various uses as well as benefits. A number of countries have also lifted the ban that was imposed on marijuana.

Many of you also must have heard that by using best CBD gummies, it is possible to get positive benefits on those people who are suffering from diabetes.

CBD is obtained from cannabis plant and contrary to belief of many people, it will not create any “high” feeling, if it is consumed. Research is still ongoing to find whether it can help in controlling blood sugar.

Research is also going on to see whether CBD can be used for the treatment of inflammation, and provide relief from nerve pain that often occur due to diabetes.

What are the Research results?

So far, all the studies about CBD was done on mice or rats regarding diabetes treatment. This is one of the limitations while doing research under laboratory conditions, and there exists certain differences between humans and animals.

All the results is only limited to animals however based on that, it cannot be assumed that CBD will work in similar manner with humans too.

Researchers have made one study on mice where CBD was tested for certain complication of diabetes that are found on humans too and found that CBD can:

  • Cut down hyperglycemia which is high blood sugar
  • Increased insulin production
  • Lowered bad cholesterol and also “bad fat” levels

Also, another CBD study was done on rats and mice found that:

  • Eases pain and swelling from nerve damage – In one of the studies, it showed that CBD could ease chronic neuropathic pain and inflammation, which usually affect the hands/feet of those suffering from diabetes.
  • Lowers diabetes risk – In another study, it was found that CBD prevented diabetes.
  • Promotes “good fat”- It was found that CBD oil could change white fat into brown fat that can boost the ability of our body to use glucose.

Effect of THC on diabetes

CBD and THC both are compounds of cannabis but it may affect differently. In certain cases, it was observed that CBD could not improve blood sugar levels for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

However, certain variation of THC could help and CBD lowered insulin resistance and also boost levels of gut hormone.

Use caution

Nowadays CBD is available in many different forms like liquid drops, capsules, vapes and many more and FDA does not regulate all the products. Therefore, it is very difficult to say confidently whether all CBD products will work as per its claims.

In certain CBD products, presence of THC has been observed and often there may not be any guarantee that what is claimed in the label of the product is correct or not.

Following side effects may be caused due to CBD:

  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth

Therefore, before using any CBD products, it is essential that you must discuss with your doctor.

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