Interior Decoration – Various Ways To Light A Kitchen Island

The kitchen is difficult, and the highly versatile place in our home. It is mainly used for preparing your food, cooking, as well as spending time with your family. The type of design that you select for the kitchen, not just adds an element of class to it, but also make it more functional.

So, here are answers to some of the common queries pertaining to lighting their kitchen island.

What type of lighting is the best available alternative to illuminate your kitchen island?

The chandelier will not be a good option for your kitchen. You need a lighting fixture that has relatively less detail, with minimal installation needs. Pendants lighting system fits well to meet your decorative needs.

If you are looking to buy an island chandelier for your kitchen, then consider Sofary. It is a leading seller of impressive lighting fixtures to make your kitchen look more beautiful.

For a more upscale style, you can consider two of such lighting fixtures in place of one. A group of small pendants when placed at varying heights makes your kitchen looks impressive, creative, and artistic too.

Are there any other design options than Pendant lighting fixtures?

Yes. Besides pendant lighting fixtures, you can also opt for deeper, and longer counters. Try large-sized and linear form of chandeliers. One more option in lighting fixture is to make use of a group of pendant lights that is either pre-configured in the form of a hung, or a multi-light chandelier.

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting is a good option to consider when you do not wish to hang above your island. In such a case, recessed lighting works in a perfect way. This style comprises of a hidden form of the light source while offering the appropriate level of illumination for all types of tasks.

Recessed lighting offers continuous illumination throughout the kitchen. It is the best way to highlight any type of decorative fixtures above the island. If you have shining pendants, then compliment them with a recessed lighting fixture. This will make the appearance of your kitchen more stylish.

Do LEDs make a good option in lighting your kitchen?

LEDs technology provides high lumen output and directional illumination that makes ornate chandeliers, and pendants built on this technology to be suitable for kitchen lighting.

What is the right height to hang your kitchen lighting fixture?

Height selection is a very important feature when it comes to hanging the kitchen lighting fixture. Ideally, you need to suspend it at a hanging light of 28 inches to 34 inches over the island. Like the height of the fixture, it’s positioning also holds a lot of significance. Center positioning of your lighting will offer even distribution of light.


The right selection of lighting in your kitchen will complement all the functions that you perform there. An optimal lighting arrangement offers the ability to monitor brightness to carry out several tasks while improving the overall design of the place.

The above information will definitely assist you in coming up with the best lighting plan for the kitchen island.

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