Common Ways Your Roller Shutters May Get Damaged

Those businesses which needs good security of their premises will always understand the advantages and the importance of installing suitable roller shutters.

One can have real peace of mind and also the business premises will remain safe and secured even after the working hours. Roller shutters can also prevent any kind of vandalism and deter burglars to enter inside the premises.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, it is important that your roller shutters must always be well maintained to keep the premises secure. In case, the shutters do not work correctly, immediate roller shutter repairs must be undertaken.

Therefore, if you have installed roller shutters in your premises, then you must be aware about few common problems that often occur in this system.

  • Power source

Often your roller shutter may fail to operate because either power is not available or the circuit breaker for the power source must have got tripped.

Therefore, before you try to operate the roller shutter, you must first of all ensure that your power source is turned on. There will be power lights available to indicate the presence of power.

  • Emergency release chain

In case, you find that your shutter roller is not responding even after you turned it on, then you may suspect that your chain must have failed. That may however not always be the case.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your chain is fine, just pull your emergency release chain and check whether your door is responding properly or not.

  • Tracks/rails

If you are not doing the timely maintenance of roller shutter then often you may come across the problem where your tracks of the rail may obstruct the movement of the roller.

This is because of various dirt or debris that may have settled within the tracks and the rails. Therefore, you need to check the dirt and debris around your tracks and rails and remove it for proper movement.

  • Overheating

The motor that is running the shutter may often get overheated and due to that motor may function abnormally. This can also happen if you are operating the door too frequently within a very short space of time.

Due to this reason, your motor may often get overheated. You need to leave it for some time so that it may cool down and after that you can try again.

  • Proximity sensors

Often you may find that your door will open only half way and then stop, which can be because of the proximity of sensors being covered by dust or dirt. Sometimes, it may also get damaged too.

So, you must check them and ensure that all the proximity switches are perfectly fine.

  • Door structure

It is necessary to check your door structures for any kind of dents or buckles. In few cases, you can knock them out. You may call any professional in case you are not too confident to tackle it.

  • Clash of codes

If your neighbour’s shutter is also using same code as that of your yours then you need to call the installer to change the code.

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