Common Trans Community Jargons to Be Familiar With

You are on a foreign land but unfortunately get lost. There is a language barrier between you and the locals, which seems so frustrating. Fortunately, you made sure to carry a dictionary that helped a lot. Similarly, the transsexualism world also has its own jargon and phrases.

Transgender women are defined by three elements no-op, pre-op, and post-op. Pre-op includes she is in the transformation process, post-op means she completed her sexual orientation surgery, and no-op women find comfort within both these two boundaries.

You plan to visit Paris and wish to enjoy good moments with a gorgeous trans escort. Ensure to choose a reliable online escort agency like and book a TS call girl in advance. If this is your first time with a tranny escort make sure to learn some basic etiquettes on behavior and even common jargons associated with trans community.

Transgender [TG] – An umbrella term used to describe wide variety like transsexual, crossdresser, drag queens, transvestites, etc.

Cis-gender – It is the opposite of transgender. A person totally satisfied with the gender he/she is born with. However, cis-gender is rarely used instead gender-based clinical studies use non-transgender.

Gender Reassignment Surgery [GRS] – GRS is also called Sexual Reassignment Surgery [SRS]. GRS creates neo-vagina using male anatomy to build clits, vaginal walls, etc. It is also called the bottom or final surgery.

Orchiectomy [Orchie] – It is a castration procedure, where testicles get removed. It is irreversible and costs less than GRS.

Male to Female [MtF] – MtF means person male at birth but needs to be a female on either full or part-time basis.

Female to Male [FtM] – FtM means person female at birth but needs to be a male on either full or part-time basis.

Trans women – A generic term describing transgender women. It includes only MtF variations as girls.

T-girls – An umbrella term applied to define transgender including MtF.

Genetic Girl [GG] – GG means a woman born naturally as a female. Terms for naturally born girls include Natal females, natals, and born-women.

Hormone Replacement Therapy [HRT] – In Tran’s world, HRT means hormone using process. MtF transsexual women take heavy hormone doses than post-menopausal women. Therapy includes drugs that block testosterone and estrogen activities. The male tissues soften along with the facial area. HRT even looks into creating breast tissue along with nipple growth. Many TS women persist HRT regimen all their lives but after Orchie or GRS the dosage is low.

Transition – A phase where a TS changes gender. It is a lengthy procedure that starts with counseling to resolve Gender Identity Disorder [GID]. It moves to the HRT regimen for creating a feminine platform for MtF using testosterone blockers. In FtM transsexual cases, testosterone injections are administered. After this, a transsexual woman commences her journey as a woman on a full-time basis. Some even opt for special electrolysis, breast augmentation, and other specialized cosmetic surgery.

Tranny Chaser [TC] – The term describes men attracted to transsexual women and is perceived as complementary.

Pre-op – Living in new gender full-time but has not undergone final or bottom surgery.

Post-op – Transsexual already completed 99.99% GRS.

Non-op – Transsexual who does not plan to finalize GRS but lives as a female.

Shemale – Transgender gal is called shemale [She+male], a full-time T-girl with breast augmentation waiting for the surgery but works in the sex sector.

There is still much-advanced jargon that gets added to the transgender world every day.

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