Info On The Best CBD Full Spectrum Oil: Things you need to Know

CBD or Cannabidiol has become a phenomenon in the cannabis world; a lot of people still do not know that CBD comes from hemp or cannabis plant. According to experts, CBD has a lot of health benefits, and it is backed by scientific research.


A lot of companies are starting to see these benefits and they are starting to get on the CBD bandwagon. Popular companies like Walgreens and CVS recently announced their plans to sell Cannabidiol products. Coca-Cola, one of the biggest companies in the world, are starting to explore the idea of adding Cannabidiol to their products, especially to their beverages.


Even cookie makers, Oreos, jumped into the CBD bandwagon. The potential of CBD is starting to excite a lot of business owners, as well as consumers. For the past years, business is exploring all possible options where they can incorporate the best full spectrum CBD oil in their products. You can now buy candies, chips, beverages or pastries laced with cannabis oil.


At the side of the consumers, Cannabidiol has the potential to be a good source of daily wellness and healing. But despite the healing benefits and the potential profits that it brings, there are still a lot of questions surrounding CBD oil. These questions include:


Why is CBD oil essential?

Is the product legal?

Is it safe to use?

What is its contraindication?

How much does it cost?

A lot of people are very hesitant to use CBD in their products because they do not know it is legal to use in some places in the United States like Alaska, Colorado, California, Maine, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Massachusetts. In this article, we will provide a complete guide on the things that you need to know about Cannabidiol.


Tetrahydrocannabinol gets you high; Cannabidiol doesn’t

Despite what most people say, CBD does not get you high. While CBD and THC are considered as cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component that creates the high that people wants from marijuana. Cannabidiol has a different effect on our system.


CBD and hemp oil are not the same

CBD oil contains CBD, and it is extracted from the marijuana plant. Usually, it is combined with a base oil like olive or coconut oil. On the other hand, hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant seeds and do not contain CBD or any forms of Cannabidiol. There are separate benefits associated with hemp oils.


Cannabidiol has been in a legal gray area for a long time

The Farm Bill that legalized cannabis and cannabis-derived products have been making waves on a federal level. When it comes to the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA, Cannabidiol oil derived from marijuana is no longer a controlled substance (Schedule 1). According to Farm Bill section 10113, cannabis should only contain 0.3% and below of THC compound.


But according to the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, selling CBD-infused supplements are still illegal. They stated that they want more data on CBD and more time to consider how they can regulate the marketing, production, distribution, labeling, as well as dosage recommendations.


The Food and Drug Administration is starting to be more involved

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a memorandum from the commissioner clarifying the next steps when evaluating the regulatory process for CBD. They have also scheduled public hearings and made it easier for people researching to conduct thorough studies on Cannabidiol. It was evident that the Food and Drug Administration is always waiting to assess more information before they approve CBD.


CBD is non-habit forming and very safe

While the Food and Drug Administration has not formally made any statement in regards to the safety of CBD, WHO or the World Health Organization provided a lot of information, and made a clear stand, pure CBD is very safe for human consumption.


There are two methods to extract the CBD from a marijuana plant

Most Cannabidiol is extracted from the stalks, flowers or leaves of the marijuana plant via heat or solvent extraction methods. The first method is solvent extraction. It uses solvents to separate the CBD from the cannabis plant. On the high end, Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is used as the solvent. On the others side of the spectrum, harsh chemicals like ethanol, kerosene or butane are used as solvents.


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