Different Varieties of Candies in Japan That You Will Love to Eat

Candies are also called as sweets or lollies. It is a confectionary that contains sugar as the main ingredient and it is combined with chocolate, fruits, nuts, etc. It is flavored and colored. These candies look very tempting due to their different colors.

Japanese art and culture are becoming popular worldwide. It is known for its creativity. There are different varieties of sweets in Japan which are famous for their unique flavors and Japanese candy is no exception. They are available in a variety of colors and flavors. The different flavors that you will find in Japanese candies are very rare to find in American candies.

Different candies in Japan

A few candies have become very popular in Japan and they have created an important place in the heart and minds of Japanese people.

  • Pocky Cream Covered Sticks – It has become a cultural icon of Japan and it has achieved recognition in other countries as well. These are so yummy and delicious. These sticks come in flavors like green tea, chocolate, almond, honey, peach etc.
  • Rabbit in The Moon Higashi – These candies come in colorful designs and look very fancy. They are made from finely grounded sugar and soybean flour. These are handmade and very tasty.
  • Chiroru Choco Mochi Chocolate- It comes in chocolate flavor and has the fillings of nuts, creams, jellies, caramel, wafers and many fruit flavors. They are wrapped individually so it is very easy to eat them. They come in varieties and is very popular among children.
  • Meiji Jumbo Coffee Beat – These are very tiny and crunchy. They are coffee flavored and it is sure that everyone is going to love them.
  • Meiji MeltyKiss Premium Chocolate – These candies melt soon so they should be eaten fast. These chocolate cubes are wrapped individually. They have creamy fillings inside and are dusted with chocolate outside.
  • Black Thunder Choco Bar – It is a dark chocolate milk bar and it has rice-crispy-cakes and cookie chunks in its middle. It is known by the name of Kuroi Raijin in Japan in reference to Japanese God of Thunder.
  • Ramune Soda Candy – This candy comes in a bottle and is inspired by a soft drink called ramune in Japan. It has the taste of soda.
  • Hi-Chews Citrus Sours – It is popular in Japan and it comes in more than 113 different flavors
  • Bourbon Fettuccine Gummi Candy – These have a sweet taste and it is mixed with the flavor of your choice.
  • Colorful Marble Chocolate Candy – These candies are so colorful and they have some characters on each piece and also have the stickers inside. It is sold in cardboard tubes and also in small boxes.
  • Chocoball – These are the cheapest candies and are sold in small boxes. It comes in flavors like caramel, peanut and strawberry.
  • Konpeito- These candies are very small, hard and sugar candies. They were introduced in Japan by the Portuguese.


There are many varieties of candies in Japan. The above mentioned are some of the candies which are very popular in Japan. When you visit Japan, it is worth to taste them.

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