All That You Need to Know About Driving Theory Test

In the UK, for obtaining your driving license, you need to go through certain driving theory as well as practical driving test. Only after clearing both these tests successfully you will be eligible to obtain your driving license to drive your car on the road and highways.

The online theory test UK meant for all car drivers as well as motorcyclists will help to improve safety of all those newly qualified drivers and riders by making them to think very carefully about their right attitude needed for driving safely on the busy roads of today and also reduce any risk of accident.

All these tests are designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). While handling your car, driving skill is knowing how you can drive safely on the road as you handle the car.

There will be 2 parts in this driving test:

  • Theory Test
  • Practical Test.

Theory test include the following:

  1. Traffic signs/regulations
  2. Driver attitude
  3. Safety and environmental factors of vehicles
  4. Effects of drugs, alcohol and fatigue on the driver behaviour

Firstly, you have to clear the theory test and thereafter you can book for taking a practical test. In the theory test there are 35 multiple-choice questions which are randomly selected, and you have to get minimum 30 marks to pass.

Besides answering 35 numbers of multiple-choice questions as above, your skills for hazard perception will also be tested.

In order to get your regular driving licence, you have to clear these 2 tests. The test can be made available in number of languages. You have to pay certain cost for the theory test as prescribed by the authority.

Hazard perception test

To obtain the driving license you will have to pass both these 2 tests. Hazard perception test section is designed for testing your awareness about potential hazards while you are driving.

There will be 15 scoreable hazards given in the test. You need to score maximum up to five points for each of the hazard.

The passing mark is 44 in the total marks of 75.

Practical test:

Once you have successfully cleared the theory test then you can apply for the practical test. About 16 or more small faults may disqualify you from the driving test.

There are different fees prescribed to appear for driving test on weekday and on Saturday or evening of any weekday which will be little higher.

In case, you clear your theory test however fail to clear your practical test, then you will only need to appear for the practical test once again.

For all booking for your theory as well as practical tests you need to book separately through Driving Standards Agency (DSA) or you can also fix the date on telephone too.

Training course

You can join any intensive driving training courses from certain recognized driving training schools that you can find in your city. This course involves studying as well as practicing driving within a limited time frame.

Many of you can get yourself trained at home too with any of your family member who is well experienced in driving and also studying various books on highway code and road rules.

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