Pleasure Seekers Travelling to Paris Can Explore the Sensual Culture

Paris is home to more than 2.2 million people. It is a top tourist destination and entertains more than 22 million visitors every year. It is also the capital of love, erotica and seductive culture. Tourists and citizen’s interests in something arousing have plenty of opportunities associated with adult’s entertainment. From swinging sex clubs to gentleman’s club to escorts to sensual massage, Paris is a pleasure seeker’s destination.

Escorts in Paris

In Europe, escorts from Paris are in high demand. It is the most popular tourist and trade center. There are budget escorts that offer one-hour outcalls [companionship services] to discerning executives.

If you plan to book a high-end escort for extended duration then the price tag is hefty but the girls are sophisticated, stunningly beautiful and well educated. They are skilled and competent in what they do. You can hire gorgeous and talented premium rate escorts from LOveSita website.

There are many escort agencies in Paris with a strong online presence. They have plethora of customer reviews.

Prostitution in Paris

Paying for sex carries hefty fines. A second time offender will need to pay more than what was paid for the first time. Sex workers experience lengthy jail sentence, if they are caught. Brothel is also illegal.

Even though street prostitution is on the decline, due to its illegal state, it still thrives in several cities around France including Paris. Sex work is carried out by escorts. They offer comfort services. Tourists can enjoy French entertainment at venues like swinging clubs and massage centers.

Sex clubs in Paris

The clubs are friendly and welcoming with extremely sensuous atmosphere, Interiors are modern and sophisticated. Lighting is dim to foster the feeling of intimacy and lend more discretion to the interior scenario.

At some clubs, you can enjoy dinner prior indulging in a pleasurable evening. There are themed events hosted on special occasions.

Strip clubs

Erotic cabaret clubs can be found at many venues, which promote sensual voyeurism world. It is a simple strip club without any possibility of the usual tourist’s trap. You can even participate in a pole dancing workshop.

Erotic massage parlors

Paris is overflowing with massage parlors offering extensive range of services including manual relief. You can check the menu on their website prior visiting.

Street prostitutes

There are a couple of illegal red-light districts, which indicates street prostitution is being discreetly tolerated. Nevertheless, avoid any hops because prostitution is illegal and it is strongly recommended that people avoid any kind of lobbying on the street. Beware of the girls that work here. They are famous for scamming tourists.

Sex shops

Sexodrome is the largest sex shop with products covering 2500 sq. m. total floor space. Every conceivable bedroom accessory including costumes, lingerie and toys to DVDs, books, and novelty items are sold here. There is the Gare du Nord sex shop that display small collection of sex toys. It basically has sex cinema cabins or porn booths on the premises.

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