Cannabidiol Distillate – How It is Made?

There are various forms of cannabidiol that could be bought in the market today. Each has its own level of purity of the compound.

The absorption, retention and effects of various forms, absolutely depends upon its purity. CBD distillate is a highly pure and highly concentrated form of cannabidiol. Its potency is high and this makes it fast healing. This is highly recommended to treat cancer, seizures, depression and other ailments.

How is it made

Distillation, literally means, improving the purity. The hemp flower is subjected to a series of heating and cooling process, to extract the essence of the plant. They are distilled until, they become pure at the molecular level. Distillate contains 80-100% cannabidiol. This means, it is 80-100% pure and 80-100% potent. This has lesser compounds of cannabidiol, terpenes and secondary oils. Basically, it is removing as much of impurities from the cannabidiol concentrate.

Two methods of distillation are adopted. One method uses solvents like alcohol and butane, to extract cannabidiol, flavonoid and terpene extracts from the plant matter. Shatter and wax concentrates are made through this method. This provides 80% pure distillate with alcohol or solvent or plant matter, as impurities.

Second method is called solventless extraction. Through pressure, by a method of rinsing, the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted. Rosin and bubble hash concentrates come out of this. This gives 100% distillate with no impurities. This method is used to make tinctures, capsules and topicals.

To use cannabis distillate

  1.  Dabbing or vaping

It uses a dab rig for dabbing or a vape pen for inhalation. This is the quickest and easiest way to feel the full effect in the system. THC could be added to give it a psychoactive effect. This fast action can be utilised to treat chronic illness.

  1. Edibles

To avoid the unpleasant taste in either dabbing or vaping, edibles are preferred. These distillates are odourless and tasteless. So, your food will not taste any different than what it should be. Introduce small doses of distillate, to find the right amount that suits you. Try out patties, cocktails and cannamilk to get the feel.

  1. Topicals

These are gaining popularity in beauty products. The distillate can be infused into coconut, almond or any other carrier ingredient, for working miracles. Due to their pure nature, the balm and creams for pain relief, start taking effect soon. This is efficient to treat chronic pain and soreness.


  •  Most pure form of cannabidiol
  • Lesser amount of usage compared to other forms of cannabidiols
  • Versatility in the method of usage


  •  Almost zero level of terpenes to prevent entourage effect
  • Cannot remove pesticides, if organic marijuana is not used
  • Fear of “engineered marijuana” benefiting Pharma giants


 The distillate process is revolutionising the cannabis industry.  This is called “The pure” and “The clean” for its purity. With increased research on this front, innovative and beneficial uses are being discovered. Manufacturers and producers are finding serious implications, in which cannabidiols are influencing their product development.

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