Tips to Follow While Attending A Classical Concert

If you are attending a classical concert for the first time, there might be several doubts in your mind regarding certain aspects. You might also be confused about the type of clothes you should wear to the concert, your attitude there, etc. The ambiance of a classical concert is much more different than what is at a rock concert. The clothing has to be a lot more formal and you are to stay quiet during the entire duration of the concert.

Some of the tips to follow while attending classical music concerts in Miami are:

Dress appropriately

This is one of the foremost concerns that you should have while going for the concert. Your attire must match up to the standards of the concert. You must wear something classy. It should not be too formal for the occasion and also must not be too casual for it. It must be something that stands in between the two. It can be any semi-formal attire that you can choose for the evening.

Be on time

It is mandatory that you show at the concert on time. You must not be late or else, you won’t get your desired seat. You being late would also affect the silence of the concert and would be a disturbance for the artist as well as the rest of the audience attending the concert.

You must ensure that you are in your seat until the end of the concert. If you leave the hall before the performance ends, it would be a disrespectful gesture for the artist. Hence, make sure to be on time and abide by these rules.

Alarm and flashes off

Make sure that you stay still on your seat and do not make much noise, you must use your mobile phone during the concert and put it on silent mode. You must also turn off the alarm and the flashlights of your phone.

If your phone starts ringing in the middle of the concert, it would be a disturbance for the audience.  It would also be a sign of disrespectfulness for the artist. Hence, make sure that you take care of all these measures.

Stay Quiet

This is most important rule to be followed in a concert. Avoid whispering, whistling, humming, singing to talking to the people sitting beside you. This would interfere with the ambiance of the concert and also cause a disturbance to the people sitting nearby you.

The artist could also get frustrated if you keep on making noises during the entire duration of the concert. Hence, abstain from it.


Hence, there is a certain way in which you re expected to behave in a concert. Make sure that you abide by these guidelines in the concert and behave properly in complete silence during the entire duration of the concert. The main aim is to quietly listen and appreciate the classical singer and not interrupt in between and disrupt the silence of the hall.

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